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I work with data to innovate & to help companies

My name is Elie Raad and I am a France-based data expert.
For many years I worked as a data scientist and in the field of AI and more recently as a postdoctoral researcher.
Elie Raad
I'm Elie
Data Expert

Current Projects


DALHAI is an ANR project that stands for Design of plasmonic ALU by Hybrid Artificial Intelligence.

It’s a research project that combines multiple scientific disciplines in physics (optics, nano photonics, plasmonics) & artificial intelligence (deep learning, ontology, evolutionary algorithms).

writing statistics
artificial intelligence

Technical expertise

I’ve been working for many years with data and algorithms in the field of:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Knowledge graph
  • Recommender systems

Grow with Data

It has never been easier to grow with data on multiple platforms

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