Elie Raad

Elie Raad

My name is Elie Raad and I live in France.

I’m a data expert working in the field of AI as a data scientist and more recently as a postdoctoral researcher.

Besides building intelligent products, I have an interest in web development and in the field of SEO.

I’m also interested in topics related to productivity, deep work, and personal knowledge management.

I’ve lived in many countries and worked with different companies worldwide (Canada, USA, France), most of the time I worked remotely.

This site hosts all of my writings and scientific articles as well as recent notes on our world in data.

Professional Experiences

Advisory & permanent roles

Technical & management positions

Startups worldwide

Various sectors


AI-powered solutions that do the heavy lifting on the web for you

CIAD Lab, France

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence


Google for Jobs Predictive Technology, USA

Trust Science, Canada

Subprime Loan Data for Lenders

Master Your French

Language learning